Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quiche Rhubarbe?

Is this a pizza?....

....or a quiche Lorraine?

Domino's two for the price of one?

It's Flan de Rhubarbe!
Someone did some cooking and at first inspection everyone thought it was some kind of French type pizza or quiche with chunks of ham. Ha, ha! They were wrong.  It's a flan rhubarbe or rhubarb custard torte.  Our colleague de la France was indeed busy in the kitchen again. This time she didn't have to contend with her husband trying to eat everything.  She came up with a nice custard flan sprinkled with not too sweetened rhubarb.  Since just about everything ever made in the U.S. with rhubarb includes strawberries, this was unique for the average American palate.
On closer look this is not ham!

How did she make that crust so thin?

The work of a true pro!

Another recipe I will have to try or should I just have another piece?
It was very good however and thoroughly enjoyed. It was not too sweet at all with the sourness of the rhubarb adding some tanginess. There was a minor problem with the crust in that it did not rise very much. Nowadays you would just ignore that and tell everyone that you made a thin crust rhubarb flan...there you go...problem solved!

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