Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yesterday, China - Today, French treats via Japan.

We had another international treat today!  This one actually came from Japan and was not produced by an American subsidiary of a Japanese company! One of our colleagues from the Japan was having a visit from his mother from Japan.  Included with her luggage was a box of treats that made it to cake hour.
This was our package for today- right from Japan!
Notice the very Japanese sounding name!
As usual - several layers of packaging!
But finally you get to the box with the company logo!
As one expects from a product made for Japanese consumers, the box was very well and decoratively wrapped. Notice the name, however!  Henri Charpentier!!  Not exactly a Japanese sounding name, is it?  Apparently Henri was born in Ashiya, Japan.   The byline on the package says, in French, "He was born in Ashiya blessed between mountains and ocean and filled with a cultural spirit.  It is a pleasure to offer happiness with these delicious sweets!"  Very nice!!
This logo has a message!
The types of sweets we expect to find are called Madeleines and Financiers.  These are both known French confections.  Financier is a small French pound cake that resembles a gold bar - hence, possibly, the name. It uses brown butter so is darker than a pound cake. A Madeleine is also a pound cake but is made in a distinctive shell shaped mold.  The traits of both of these are well reflected in what we had today.
More wrapping for the two treats!
In addition to attractive wrapping, Japanese products usually have several layers of packaging. This was no exception but once we got to the box and opened it there were several individually wrapped offerings of the two types of mini-cakes.  Being wrapped individually kept them moist.  They were also very good tasting buttery and not overly sweet.  And again they went down very well with tea or coffee!  It was a nice bi-cultural offering today getting some French treats by way of Japan.
One of each!

Top is the Madeleine and bottom is the Financier! For future reference!

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