Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Force Awakens!!

Today is the day before the official release of the new "Star Wars" film.  The big release is tomorrow but one of our colleagues, a respectable fan, has his preview tickets for tonight. To mark the occasion he came up with a "Star Wars" themed cake.  To those of us it required some explanation.  Half the cake represents 'The Empire" and half the "The Rebel Alliance".  So on the top on one side of the cake is half the symbol of "The Empire" and the other part of the cake has half the symbol of the rebels.  Take a look at the two and symbols and the cake and judge for yourselves.
The Empire Symbol
Symbol of the Rebel Alliance!
Empire on the left, Rebel on the right!
The cake itself is split into two. The Empire side is a chocolate cake and the rebel side is a red velvet cake.  Clearly the baker was trying to make the statement that the two sides are unique and cannot be represented by one type of cake.  The two sides will never see eye to eye and their separation had to be emphasized in the body of the cake.  Doesn't that sound meaningful?
Colorful if nothing else!
Pretty tall cake for a single layer!
Our "Star Wars" fan decked out and ready to go!
The cake was good considering boxed cake mixes and canned frosting were used. It certainly met expectations which were somewhat lower than something from Pastiche.

Ready to polish off a nice chunk!
Missed a few cake hours and now catching up!
The remaining pieces show that there was either a preference for the chocolate or more sympathy for the Empire than the Rebels. We suspect the former.

Red Velvet on the Rebel Side and chocolate for the Empire
Slightly more folks opted for the Empire side!
With all the hype that is inundating society right now, we were happy to celebrate a small part of the current Star Wars mania!\

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