Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A colleague says thanks with a treat from Pastiche

This is the final week for one of our research fellows from La France.  As we approach the end of her stay a colleague signed up for cake hour and brought a lovely fruit tart from Pastiche with a message of gratitude.
Cake Hour Gothic!
Another treat from Pastiche that is also a visual treat!

Always on a bed of great homemade crust.
If you have read any of this blog you know the deal with Pastiche - they do an incredible job.  This flan was not different. We have had a number of them but each one is different depending on the type of fruit they use or is available.  This one had a lot of the standards - berries and kiwi - but the added touch was the blood orange or red grapefruit used for the outermost and innermost circle.  Some thought it was red grapefruit but my tastes deemed it too sweet for grapefruit.
Special message on the top with a white chocolate slate!

The pastry cream is always just right!
Nonetheless it was the usual delicious tart with the great crust and the not too sweet pastry cream for the base.  Thanks to the colleague who wanted to thank his colleague for bringing in the much appreciated treat.

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