Friday, May 12, 2017

Quick Cream Pie made with real cream to boot!

While driving back to a supposed cakeless cake hour a Stop and Shop was seen so I decided to stop and shop for something.  A quick visit to the bakery section for a quick pick and came up with a chocolate cream pie - made with real cream!!! They have to make that disclaimer, I suppose, because a lot commercial bakeries use vegetable based cream whipped toppings of which we are not fans.  So the disclaimer helped seal the deal with this pie.

Grab and Go Bakery from Stop and Shop or Market Basket or...
The disclaimer is what we like to see!
It was a classic chocolate cream, pie with a good basic pie crust, a good thick layer of dark chocolate filling - pudding based - not mousse - and a decent amount of real cream on the top.  It hit the spot and was very much enjoyed.  The dark chocolate was a plus.

Real cream in ample mounds on the top!
Nicely drizzled with chocolate sauce!
 We've had this many times and even though it is supposedly made in store this type seems to be in several stores - we found one in Market Basket also. Whatever, it is a good version of a classic American dessert so get it at either place and enjoy!

Two relatively thick layers of good stuff!

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