Monday, February 4, 2019

It's the Year of the Pig!!

Chinese New Year is upon us!! We are beginning the Year of the Pig!  Since we now have several colleagues in the labs that come from China, what better way to celebrate our diversity and awareness thereof than a new year's luncheon!!  So we got together a pot luck feast to help ring in the New Year.  The homemade food was delicious, varied and quite satisfying.  We had everything from dumplings to noodles; spicy beef knuckles to chicken; Thai (not Chinese) soup and an obligatory rice cooker with white rice.
The feast is taking shape!
Not a bad spread!
Dumplings and soup!
Stuffed tofu, noodles with pea pods, roast duck, beef and spicy tofu and pork!
Chicken wings, tenders, noodles with shrimp, noodled with veggies and that beef knuckle in the front.!
It was quite a meal with plenty to choose from regardless of your taste. And despite how it sounds, the spicy beef knuckle or whatever was quite good!!

The crowd is also assembling!
Four of the chefs!!
The group is getting hungry.
Still surveying the smorgasbord!
And it's time to eat!!

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