Thursday, July 11, 2019

The brownies have nothing to do with Germany

For those of you who have not seen some previous posts and might have gone to Germany and wondered why you never see a German chocolate cake there is because the recipe has nothing to do with Germany. For that matter neither do the "German Chocolate Brownies" that were our second offering for student cake month. Anyone who knows the cake recognizes it as a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and caramelized coconut on top. We have a number of the cakes and today we got the brownies.
Not shy with the number of brownies!
Enough for several helpings!

So these were made from scratch brownies that were chocolate, of course, with toasted coconut and pecans on the top. I think they pre-empted the name "German chocolate" because of the coconut and chocolate combo. 
It's the topping that makes them "German Chocolate Brownies"
The pecans were a great addition!!
Dense chocolate brownies!!
In any event they were a hit!!  The brownies were soft, moist and chocolatey.  The topping with the added pecans was awesome and to top it off there was some more vanilla ice cream from Edy's!  There were plenty to go around and most people had two with some left over for another day. Good work from our second entrant, another Brown undergrad, and 4.5 stars to her for her great baking job!
Throw in some vanilla ice cream!
And it's 4.5 star treat!!
And in case you were wondering the cake is called what it is because the recipe came from the "German Chocolate Company" not the country.

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