Wednesday, April 14, 2021

First cake hour for the new colleague!

Thanks to Covid there had been a lull in the usual comings and goings of fellows and associates. Mostly it was goings so we dropped down somewhat in the number of people here. But things are starting to change and if all the prospects from China haven't been able to get here our Japanese research fellows are.  The first one to arrive made his first cake hour today!  Yay!! 
Another good looking creation from the Vienna!

The view from above!

The candy lemon wedge give you the hint of what's to come!

True sculptors of whipped cream!

And it was a good cake from one of our faves the Vienna Bakery.  Everyone has pretty much learned that we prefer whipped cream frostings and that's what was served up today. 
Lemon and whipped cream layers on the inside!

It was a vanilla cake with lemon filling and lemon-curd like topping. Whipped cream all over and white chocolate garnishing finished it off.  The candy lemon wedge on top was also a nice little treat.
Excited for the first time at cake hour!

As usual the Vienna come through with a fresh cake where the tastes all work together! It was an auspicious start for our new colleague.

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