Monday, July 18, 2022

Too Peachy Peach Crostata

Today, it being summer and peach season, we picked up a peach crostata from Wegmann's market since that is the featured fruit.  They make a number of good ones and so why not got with this one. As in the past the pastry was great, the slivered almonds were a nice touch, the glaze was not too sweet and there was plenty of fruit.

Looks good in the box

Looks better on the plate

Look at all the fruit!

On balance it was enjoyed by all. However we did notice some peaches left on a plate. We asked the person if they were going to finish it but he said no, it was "too peachy"! How could anything be too peachy one might think.  But we attributed it to peachophobia!

Terrified of peaches!

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