Friday, November 12, 2010

He's here, the Phantom of the Opera!!

In September 2010 the rights to perform Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" became available to amateur groups only, i.e. high schools and colleges.  The Braintree High Theatre Guild in Braintree, Massachusetts became the first public high school in Massachusetts to perform this internationally recognized piece this month. The director of the program and this production of the Phantom is one of our own cake hour friends.  (In fact if you wonder why there has been a paucity of posts in the last eight weeks it's because he was headed off to rehearsals and everyone else was too lame to keep it going.)  But I digress! Anyway, since so many colleagues are supportive and appreciative of the arts and have decided to attend the show, a cake hour reception is held every year to thank them all for the support. This year there clearly was a phantom theme!
The Phantom requests the honor of your presence!

The cake says what we already know
A killer chocolate mousse cake.

Two treats to be savored

Now that's a chocolate mousse!

Multi layered tiramisu

The phantom charms the ladies - but none of these sing!

Channeling the phantom!

The treats were from Pastiche Bakery which is getting a lot of our attention since Ursula's closed!!  We had two creations - a mascarpone torte or cake version of tiramisu and a chocolate mousse cake. As the latter was covered with whipped cream it was, of course, bound to be a hit. Both were delicious of course. The mascarpone torte was lighter than expected and was indeed reminiscent of tiramisu. I think we are spoiled by the many tiramisus that we have had that were homemade by our Italian colleague.

The chocolate mousse torte was fabulous as usual. It has an oreo like bottom, a very dense dark mousse and of course real whipped cream. It is a signature chocolate mousse cake and sets the standard for just about every other one. We enjoyed both as we listened to the music of the Phantom from the original cast recording. 

The show in Braintree has been a big hit with an added weekend and all performances sold out. Too bad if you missed it!

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