Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two days of Famous Amos and enough is enough

No one signed up for Monday and no one signed up for Tuesday. Fortunately when we raided the machine we noticed that there was a large number of Famous Amos cookies in one of the slots and the 3 oz size to boot!  So we were able to satisfy our sweet teeth with something respectable. Famous Amos cookies aren't that bad. On Monday we supplemented it with a random pack of sugar frosted donuts form the "Broad Street Bakery" wherever that is.  On Tuesday we included a pack of Oreos and some Rice Krispies Treats.  Oreos are Oreos so no complaint there, the donuts were as they were expected to be but the commercially prepared Rice Krispies treats were God awful! They can best be described as sickeningly sweet with the Krispies seemingly predigested or mashed. Anyone who had these things growing up as a kid here would be appalled at how bad they are.  Our European friend who was trying them for the first time was not impressed and it took some reassuring that the homemade version is much better.

Monday's selection!

The 3 oz package is actually a respectable amount!

Broad Street Bakery Donuts

Tuesday's selection!

Original my foot!  Stick with the ones that Grandma makes at home!

But enough is enough!  Since we couldn't rely on pure volunteerism to fill in the cake calendar a little arm twisting was done and in about five minutes we got the calendar filled for December. Next week has even been dubbed grad student cake week because all the slots were randomly taken by graduate students. Let's see what kind of competition that turns out to be!
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