Tuesday, June 28, 2011

POSITIVE CONTROL NUMBER 2 - Ed gets the summer blues five times

Our second positive control or demo cake was actually a summertime version of a blueberry pie.  This is a very good recipe and gives you all the goodness of those blueberries without them being cooked to death.  The pie can be in a traditional crust or a crumb crust. The crust, if necessary, is baked in advance  as the pie itself is not. A sauce of cornstarch mixed with water, sugar, lemon and some of the berries is cooked on the stove and then poured over the remaining blues.  This mix is poured into the crust and kept in the fridge until it gels.  The topping is none other than whipped heavy cream and a little bit of sugar and vanilla. In our case as you can see, the topping was applied and the used in combination with some fresh berries to creatively decorate the pie.  I mean this is a demonstration so you got to set a good example, no?

One pie...

and a second!

Topped and adorned with whipped cream....

....and fresh blueberries!

Nicely decorated.....

....to set a good example!

The result is a pie that is refreshing not that sweet and not at all heavy as a standard blueberry pie might be. (Not that we are dissing blueberry pies that we actually like lots.) It hit the spot with a number of people who never come back for seconds but did so this time.

Ready to go!

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The winner in that category would be our student intern Ed who happened to be the first to arrive.  He devoured one piece and as thereafter he was still only the person who had arrived he was offered a second piece which he gladly accepted.  Other people did finally arrive but Ed hung around and consented to a third and fourth piece.  Towards the end there was still some pie to go around and the fifth, albeit smaller piece that was served up was also easily consumed. Actually it was fun seeing how many we could get him to eat and I think he set a record. If this continues everyone should plan to make larger cakes and tortes or bring extra brownies!
Two thumbs up with Ed in the background looking for piece number 5!
I guess Ed's all finished now!!

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