Thursday, June 30, 2011

POSITIVE CONTROL NUMBER 4 - No loss of appetite for Ed who almost missed out

For the last of our demo cakes we called upon our budding pastry chef to show off her skills and she came through quite nicely.  She picked a berry shortcake cake, which included fresh berries (as you can see on top), whipped cream frosting that she used also for decoration and a not too sweet yellow cake.  There were two layers separated by whipped cream and again some fresh berries.  It was good and light and as mentioned not sickeningly sweet like so many entries are.  So the bar has been set high for student cake month.
Our pastry chef friend is on the left!
Worthy of the pros!

A stellate decorative pattern with berries, whipped cream and almonds!

Ready for the cut!

They layered look.
Quite a number of the student went to a luncheon today and came back professing to be too full to try the cake.  What goobers! One even claimed to have eaten the food of three others.  What a glutton! Nevertheless despite almost missing out as the cake had been two thirds consumed five-piece Ed appeared to show how he could better manage his appetite and downed two pieces before it was all gone.
Eating a big lunch ain't gonna stop this guy!
This is pretty damn good!
The unofficial cake eating champ shows his form!
Although we hadn't planned on naming one we hereby declare Ed the cake eating champion of the week.  He is the first person on the list for student cake month and as he indicates he might be a spectacular failure at least we can give him some recognition.  Let the cakes begin!!  (Actually it will start on July 11 so stay tuned!)

We bade farewell to one of our cake hour comrades today.  Good luck to him in Fairbanks, Alaska where mercifully he is just visiting prior to heading off to medical school.  Tomorrow another colleague goes who was not the biggest cake eater but decided to join the party today at least.  She's also off to medical school.
Farewell to a good cake buddy as he is off to med school!
Gone tomorrow so cake today!
Sometimes you wonder how people come up with things. Today a few bent prongs of a plastic fork somehow transformed the fork bender, at least in their own mind, into Freddie Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street or whatever movie he is in.  There isn't really a lot of resemblance but nothing wrong with an active imagination.

What does Freddie Krueger have that I don't have?

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