Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheesecake number one

We have a few gift cards from Cheesecake Factory that were gifted to us.  Today we had cheesecake number one bought with a gift card. You may think that three $50 gift cards would go a long way but in fact one large cheesecake - frozen no less - costs about $41. So we'll get about three and a half out of the gifts. That will undoubtedly suffice.
We've seen this box before!

But it's the big one this time!

The Cheesecake factory has 26 cheesecakes on their menu including things like a Hershey Bar cheesecake, Kahlua® Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake, Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheescake, and so on.  There is also an original cheesecake and a low carb original that is sweetened with Splenda.  Yuck on the latter one!  
The pre-sliced pieces are a little on the large size!
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake!
It's a mouthful!
Today we had the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle® cheesecake. We have actually had this before however it was the smaller one.  Once again as we picked it up with not too much time before consumption which meant it was largely frozen when we ate it.  We tried "defrosting" it in the microwave but that only served to defrost it around the edges.  You can't really go to far with the microwave because the frozen whipped cream florets on the top start to melt.  Once that process starts you pretty much have to get it out and go with it.  Truth be told it is in some opinions better when it is a little frozen.  The cheesecake part tends to taste a little more like ice cream and less like a fattening heavy cheesecake. 
A little too long in the microwave and this would be soup!
This cheesecake is good though any white chocolate flavor apart from the shavings on top is pretty lost.  The raspberry sauce is swirled throughout but they are a little stingy with it.  But we like it though everyone has about one half of the pre-sliced pieces. Eating a whole one is an endeavor and there were no takers for a full piece even from those who can put away considerable cake. So we ended up with half the cake leftover for the next day. This was about seven of the slices.
If we don't finish it now we can have it tomorrow! - Fat chance!
So here is the deal - and this happens quite frequently - how is it that with everyone supposedly sated and most people leaving or left for the day. the majority of this remaining cheesecake - and other leftover cakes for that matter - will disappear by the next morning?  Is the cleaning crew chowing down on our sweets?  Or do we have a lot of closet cake eater who only come out after everyone has gone. Who knows but no one should ever plan on finding a sweet leftover treat the next morning. Chances are it will be gone.
I think we're well on the way to that 1200 calorie study limit!

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