Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She took the hint and we got a cake!

Today no one had signed up for cake hour. In the course of the day someone stopped by to kvetch about difficulties she was having with her older Macintosh computer that she had been issued. After going on for a bit she was told that she should come by to discuss the issue after cake hour.  Was there a veiled hing there?  Indeed there was.  Did she take it? Indeed she did!  She proceeded to make a run over to Pastiche and picked up a nice treat to fill in the schedule gap.
Another fine product expected.
An old fashioned coconut cake!

Pearl like decorations on the top!

We have had many cakes from Pastiche but this was a new one for us. It was their Old Fashioned Coconut Cake, described as moist coconut cake filled with light cream cheese frosting, then covered in shredded coconut. And it is gluten free to boot! (Had we known that there are a few more people who might have tried it.)  The description was apt in that it was a good moist cake that was not overly sweet. The frosting worked well with the shaved coconut and was quite good without being too heavy.  It's hard to tell what is old fashioned about it but that's Pastiche's call and we won't argue with another of their fine cakes that was enjoyed by all who tried it.
Getting ready for the cut!
Lots of coconut in the cake and in the frosting!
So what was the hint that was being dropped?  Well it turns out that the recipient of the complaint knew that a shipment of new computers was due in.  With no particular plan for a number of them it was left up to circumstances to determine where some of them would go. In this case the person got the hint and later that afternoon it could be shown that her efforts were rewarded with the arrival of a new computer.  What a coincidence.  Had she not been on the ball she could still be stuck with her old, drowsy Mac instead of a gleaming new one. Instead of a victim of circumstances I guess she would be the beneficiary of circumstances this time.

One of our colleagues had a new iPhone with Siri  - the intelligent assistant that is there to help. Just ask, they say.  So we decided to ask Siri a few questions.  Contrary to what had been reported if you ask Siri for the nearest abortion clinic she does come up with one.  We tried a few others like "Will you marry me?' to which she responded "my exclusive license agreement does not include marriage."  We wanted to try a few other questions bordering on adult content but since it was a work issued phone we thought better.  We asked her "where do babies come from?" to which she responded "they come from their mothers!" Smart aleck she! We tried again with "how do you make a baby".  This yielded the same response "they come from their mothers."  At this point we ran out of leading questions for Siri and gave it up.
To me it's lemonade hour!

Loves me some lemonade!
Another of our colleagues who inexplicably does not like to eat anything sweet often joins nonetheless for ice cream that he brings or juice that he has. Frequently the juice is lemonade. He would like us to call it also lemonade hour to accommodate his proclivity but sorry, dude, cake hour is cake hour!

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