Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Leftover Carrot Cake, Turo Rudi finally and a something very Pinteresting!

Since nobody took the carrot cake $1000 challenge yesterday we had plenty left for cake hour today.  It;s surprising that it didn't disappear overnight because so much stuff does. We never know who eats it.

More carrot cake!

Doesn't look any lighter than yesterday!
In addition we finally got our Turo Rudi that was supposed to be part of the Hungarian Treats yesterday.  Turo Rudi is apparently well known enough in Hungarian Culture to warrant its own Wikipedia entry. It's in English to boot! It says the chocolate is filled with curd but to us it takes more like yogurt.  We love Turo Rudi!
Bag o' Turo Rudi!

Brought to you by Pöttyös!

We assume this means over 5 million served!
 One of our researchers was quite thrilled!  Apparently she purchased a new gadget for her briefcase or whatever.  It's some kind of unique organizer that holds all your stuff.  It's composed of a board that is crisscrossed with interwoven elastic straps that holds things in place rather securely.  It is supposedly something new and in a certain way you are pinning your gadgets down to be carried along with you. In that regard it's like a three-D Pinterest board. I doubt you'll get any followers but the person involved knows why that reference was made!  Smile!!!
What can it be?

Pinned down nice and tight for schlepping your junk!

It's just a bunch of interwoven straps!

Why it holds everything!! I love my real world Pinterest Board!

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