Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We're in trouble now..there's a bakery that delivers!!

One of our newer colleagues signed up to bring in the cake for today.  We were expecting something good and associated with his Korean heritage. Imagine our surprise when not one but two cakes were delivered from the Scialo Brothers Bakery on Federal Hill in Providence.  The bakery DELIVERED the cakes!  We are in trouble now. 
Not one but two cakes and they were delivered!
And they both look awesome!

Especially the aerial view!

Holy cow - they were delivered!

These were two very good looking coffee cakes.  The first one we could appropriately call a Mega-walnut Coffee Cake.  Take a look at it. That is a lot of walnuts on the top. As a matter of fact there is more than two inches worth all bound together with a cinnamony sugar syrup. It is an impressive look for sure!  These were also not crushed walnuts either but walnut halves.  Whoever conceived this was very creative and it is one of the best looking coffee cakes we have come across. 

We call it a Mega Walnut Coffee Cake!
There's some serious nut action on top!

And it goes down for about two inches!

It also was great tasting.  Good and moist, as it should be, with the taste of ample walnuts and cinnamon finishing it off.  Yum!
This is what coffee cake is all about!

It didn't last very long!

The second cake was no slouch either.  Perhaps not as impressive looking but still quite remarkable.  It was a marble coffee cake - vanilla or yellow - with a huge swirl of chocolate undulating through the batter.  There was a also a selection of walnuts embedded on the top that made for a good look. 
Also an impressive confection!
Chocolate swirled thorough the cake and again a walnut top!

Nicely embedded in the cake!

The only problem is that there was no way were going to eat the two of these. So we set aside the marble cake and focused on that topped with the mega-layer of walnuts.  It was a hit and went pretty quickly.  Our colleague did good and now that we know there is a place that delivers, we can rest assured that in an emergency situation we have a great option out there.

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