Monday, July 23, 2012

Who knew there was such a thing as a Margherita Cake?

Another day for the student cake competition and we were told it would be a Margherita Cake.  Sounds interesting to say the least especially if it was reflective of the drink and not someone's tia vecchia. When we took it out at first we thought it was going to be a version of a key lime pie for obvious reasons.  But that was not the case.
You'd think this was a key lime cake!

Nice little star burst of lime!

Specks of lime zest flavor the frosting!

Our competitor arrived after we lost patience and cut the cake!

This was a Margherita Cake consisting of a white cake on a crust of crushed pretzels butter and sugar that was topped with a whipped topping with some line zest sprinkled about and sliced limes as the final touch. At first we thought the bottom was another nut brittle of some kind but soon realized the baker had a nut allergy so we had to clarify. Kudos to one of our student bakers who was able to determine what it was upon taste. 
Something nutty on the bottom?
Nope, it's made of crushed pretzels!!
The cake was a nice surprise and was a good choice for a summer day albeit one that was not too warm.  The crunchy bottom was tasty and fun and the cake not at all dry. The whipped topping, although probably not real whipped cream was light with a subtle flavoring of lime.  Adding some of the juice from the lime slices was a nice touch also. There was supposedly some booze baked into the cake for flavoring but whatever kick there was to be offered was baked out. Too bad!  Otherwise we could have licked some salt, eaten the cake and then sucked on a wait that's with shots of tequila. Never mind!  All in all the cake was a pleasant surprise, well executed and a good choice on the part of our student "volunteer" baker.  We gave it 4 and a half stars.

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