Friday, July 27, 2012

A cake inspired by the Bicinchonic Acid (BCA) test for proteins

Here in the lab, one of the tools that we use to measure the amount of protein in a solution is an assay based upon Bicinchonic Acid.  After you run the test, greater amounts of protein will be revealed by a deeper purple color.  Today's entry for student cake month was a cake inspired by this assay.  It was quite a cake.  A great part of the reason was that the student who made it is also a pastry chef by hobby.  We expected something spectacular and we were not disappointed.
Research inspires a cake!

It's quite a creation!
Floral pattern getting deeper purple towards the bottom!
Layer of fruit on the top!

Artfully arranged no less!

Obviously the color purple is going to figure into this and indeed looking at the outside you see rather impressive florets/rosettes in deepening shades of purple just like in the assay. The cake was topped with a layer of fruit in gelatin that was very artfully laid out.  To say it was impressive is an understatement.  The frosting making the florets was a cream cheese butter cream frosting bearing some resemblance to that of a carrot cake.  The base frosting layer coating the actual cake to which the decorations adhered was a white chocolate butter cream. Did we miss anything?
The presentation with passion fruit syrup!
Fruit detail
The BCA inspiration carried on into the cake layers themselves. It was a white cake with four layers that were colored using food coloring so that they were different shades of purple. Where have you seen a purple cake before?  The filling in between the layers was a passion fruit curd.   The cake was sliced and plated with some passion fruit syrup.  The whole experience was creative to say the least.  Our baker took her time making the components over a period of five days. Having the experience to know how to do that was certainly helpful in getting the final product to look so good. Pity the other students who tried their best on the night before. 
The layers also are different shades of purple!
Rapidly disappearing!
Needless to say this cake got the highest five star rating for the student cake competition.  As you can also tell from the photos, despite the size it went pretty quickly.

It's down to the end!
CAKE ART: A final piece as a bug!
...and another five star creation is gone!

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