Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Neon Birthday Leftovers

It was someone's birthday today!  At an earlier class or academic session they presented her with a birthday cake.  We weren't there but there was enough of the cake leftover to bring it to cake hour.
There's the birthday girl!
It was a standard commercial product with the cake being marble and the frosting the usually over-sweetened type made from sugar and lard or sugar and vegetable oil.  (What are we thinking?)  It was still good and moist,  we definitely enjoyed it and were very appreciative that our birthday girl thought of us.

We'll eat prob!
It's still a good size chunk of cake,  hmmm?
The remnants of the writing!
Haven't had a marble cake in a while!
Do you notice something about those flowers on top of the cake, however.  Most of us have used food coloring before but seriously how on earth did they get these fluorescent colors.  That is some serious pink and orange coloring to be consumed.  Fiesta ware used to use uranium to get such an orange color! Actually as you can see some felt that it was more appropriate as a milieu for another round of cake art!

We are talking serious food coloring. Is that orange uranium based?

If you can't eat it, play with it!

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