Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And we have our winners....finally!

The last contribution to student cake month competition finally came today. This was supposed to all be finished for the month of July but stretched into August due to vacations and just coordinating this particular flock of summer students.  Truth be told we weren't shy in making sure we got something from everybody. It just so happens it took awhile to get the final "volunteer" contestant to bring in the goods.

Gosh, do you think it's a carrot cake?
We had been fairly lucky in that most of the students this year did make their entries. We got to have some good and somewhat very interesting homemade stuff.  Chamomile, Key Lime, Peanut Butter - just a few examples of the good things that were featured. The final entrant, however, went for a commercial product...a carrot cake.  We've definitely seen the offering before and believe it came from either Whole Foods or the East Side Marketplace in Providence. We thought we were going to get one from Gregg's - a great place to buy cakes - but it does not look like theirs.

Frosting carrots on the top!
Some really serious walnuts embedded in the frosted side!
It's a small cake so two layers will suffice!
It was as good as expected.  It had the obligatory cream cheese frosting, the inevitable carrot frosting decorations, a great moist classic cake in two layers with filling in between and for an added touch crushed walnuts all over the sides.  For those of us nut lovers this was an added treat. The crushed nuts were so abundant that it would have been fatal for anyone with a nut allergy to have been around.  (Disclaimer: Cake hour is not a "Nut Free Zone".)  This cake was a little smaller than some carrot cakes we have had but there was plenty to go around and a four layer cake is not always necessary.  This was awarded three stars for the competition.  Our student donor was not around so we could not offer his photo with his contribution.

And we have the winners!!

With this final evaluation we could now declare the winner(s) of student cake month competition and they would be the chocolate cake with the almond brittle and black sea salt for one. The other the BCA cake...the one inspired by our protein measuring assay with the purple cake layers and the passion fruit syrup.  For prizes they received anti-fail T-Shirts which had nothing to do with cake hour but seemed appropriate to give someone who won a competition and for added fun a Tokyo Dineyland multi-colored pen. Congrats to our two winners and may they win cake competitions for years to come.

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