Wednesday, October 10, 2012

City Girl Returns

We thought we would be going without our sugar fix today when we realized that there is a cupcake company that delivers.  Since we hadn't had any of their stuff for awhile we arranged for a delivery specifying as broad a selection as possible. Right on time they delivered a dozen including several different varieties.  Since we didn't bother to ask what each of them was it was kind of fun to try to figure it all out.  Their stuff arrives in a nice pink box perhaps due to their name. We don't know if there is a city girl but is so she clearly likes pink.  We also noticed the disclaimer very quickly which proudly specified that these products are not.  They are not all those things that seem to be de riguer these days....not nut free, not vegan and probably loaded up with gluten!  We liked this notification...instead of saying what things are it is clearly specifying what things aren't!

Local Cupcake Business!
Pink is the color of choice!
Not your usual disclaimer!
Today's selection!

A lot of chocolate for sure!

Cocoanut and caramel also featured!
The selection included several that looked interesting.  The toasted coconut was pretty obvious as did the plain and the chocolate ones.  There were a few surprises mostly relating to the fact that several of them were filled with additional frosting or something else.  Based upon the flavors and the filing we were able to identify one as Boston Creme cupcake.  Another had a center of "molten" chocolate that was quite clever and good.  Since we doubt a lot of them are baked this way it is clear that a lot of talent and effort goes into producing these. 
Looks like an autumn theme!

A center filled with frosting!

This is chocolate for sure!

With a molten chocolate center...well done!
Boston Creme Cupcake - it was also filled but that got eaten pretty quickly!

Festive toasted coconut on top!
Sealed with a kiss!
Also with a filled center - you gotta love frosting with these!
The overall impression was once again very positive and we were happy with the broader selection this time.  From the visual perspective we understand why the top is loaded with frosting but you got to be a frosting glutton to be able to put it all away. Although it is not very heavy it is undoubtedly loaded with fat.  We wonder if the same aesthetic could be achieved with perhaps a smaller dollop of the frosting.  Food for thought but if you are stuck needing quick access to sweets City Girl is a good choice for sure.

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  1. I wish I had not learned about this blog spot from Rolf at the Liver Meeting yesterday... In particular, I should not have logged in early afternoon when these mouthwatering pictures amount to torture!

    Congratulations! I miss this phenomenal tradition.

    Gyuri (Baffy)