Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pineapple Cakes Again

Prior to 2012 we had never heard of Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes.  In contrast, in 2012 we have now had them three times. That is largely because we have had people pay visits to Taiwan and get them as souvenirs.  In one case they were actually homemade. Apparently these cakes are pretty popular - particularly among visitors. However they are considered an appropriate treat representing Taiwan what with pineapples being grown there that represent hospitality and such.  For lots of information about this take a look here: http://taiwanfoodculture.net/ct.asp?xItem=48618&ctNode=2680&mp=1502.
More Taiwan Pineapple Cakes!
Definitely made in Taiwan

Nice individual wrapping


The ones we had today were a commercial product probably acquired in a gift shop or at an airport.  They boxes contained nicely wrapped individual cakes. We liked the name - Nobleness Traditional Dessert. These are basically a simple, not too sweet dough that are filled with a concentrated pineapple gel.  They go great with coffee or tea and are not overly sweet. We have liked them each time they were provided and are not adverse to getting more when the next person heads to Taiwan.
It looks like a little cake, nmo?

Just a little sugar on top!
And the obligatory pineapple filling!
In addition to the cakes we learned a little about Taiwan history. You will notice how nicely packaged these are with them all individually wrapped. This is very similar to what one sees with Japanese products.  We learned that this is actually an emulation or adoption of the Japanese custom that stems from Taiwan having been occupied by Japan from the late 1800s through the Second World War. Who knew?  Taiwanese are also sushi fans, although they have developed their own style.  We were told that the Japanes influence also affected Korea which was also occupied by Japan at one point. Clearly Korean barbecue and Kimchi would be exceptions to the Japanese influence.  We learn a lot at cake hour and now we know more about pineapple cakes.

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