Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Borak's Back with lots of goodies!

We had a courtesy visit from one of our most accommodating cake hour vendors.  Some of them periodically stop by to ply us with their wares as it were or at least let us know what is new.  Our friend whom we call Borak because it reminds us of Borat, came by with quite a selection of goodies from Whole Foods market which admittedly does have a good bakery section.  Anticipating the usual crowd interested in seeing the latest he had to offer, he made sure there was plenty of stuff to go around. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us there was a class taking place at Brown University given by one of our pros that a number of people decided to attend. That brought the likely cake hour attendance down resulting in a lot of stuff to be left over.  Did that deter us? Not at all!  It only meant that we would be able to stretch out the sweets over the course of several days.  Is that anything to complain about?

He's Back!
Brownies and mini pastries to begin!
A hound dog cupcake - lots of frosting!
Chocolate ganache cake - which we will eat tomorrow!
And some Moose Crunch!
We decided to go with the selection of various brownies and other mini-pastries and leave the Chocolate Ganache cake and Moose Crunch for later days.  The selection was quite varied and went well beyond brownies.  In addition to brownies there was a mini-pecan pie tart, a mini-carrot cake, single serving of chocolate mousse, mini chocolate ganache torte, mini apricot cake, a lemon square and a piece of an almond cake. They were all good as judged by the positive responses we saw from those that stopped by.  We had no complaints and hereby can attest to the quality of the baked goods from Whole Foods.  There was also a personal treat in the form of a basset hound cupcake.  This was special, much appreciated, fun to look at but seriously that's a lot of frosting to eat.  This is the latest cupcake craze taken to a bit of an extreme and wonder what the nutrition information on this puppy would be.

This will be our feast for the day!

Digging in!
Almond bars, mini ganache and that's a single serving mousse on the left!
Sort of an apricot streusel!
Here we have a lemon bar!
And a classic brownie!

I got the carrot cake!
I'll start with the pecan tart!
And finish with a brownie - not shy about cake hour!
Speaking of nutrition, we ended up breaking into the Moose Crunch. This is nothing more than a popcorn nut mixture that is covered with three different sweet toppings. There is the caramel coating - can you say Cracker Jack - , the dark chocolate coating and the milk chocolate coating.  Isn't it interesting how many things they dump onto popcorn?  These coatings were a but thicker than some of the others we have had so in reality you are getting more caramel and chocolate than popcorn. This in effect makes it an even better treat for cake hour.  As far as nutrition goes we had a bit of a betting game as to how many calories were in the container full of Moose Crunch. The closest guess was 3000 calories.  The actual amount was about 3600 calories with there being 200 calories per serving and 18 servings in the whole thing.  As usual their definition of a serving is probably a lot less than what your average person consumes.  We had no takers on the promise of $1.00 per calorie if someone ate the whole thing but then again we are never serious with these suggestions.  So much for popcorn being a good caloric treat comprise mainly of air!
The trio of coated corn!
The caramel coated "Cracker Jack" style.
A rather copious milk chocolate cover!

And some dark chocolate to get your flavinoids!

How much per calorie do we get?
Our vendor buddy showed off his latest catalogs, told us of the latest promos and special offers.  There is always something special being offered.  The fun thing about the company is that they ship everything with a thank you present. It can be anything from a small bag of jelly beans to a water bottle.  What fun and it is certainly an incentive, on top of lower prices, to order something.  Now if I can just get them to deliver those $#@*&! pipet tips!
Checking out the latest promos - but lacking pipet tips!

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