Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Mousse Cake

It is officially the Year of the Snake as the Chinese New Year has taken place.  The plan, on the part of our cake bringing colleague. was to visit the celebrations in Boston's Chinatown and then bring back some traditional Chinese treats.  Unfortunately the blizzard of February 2013 aka Winter Storm Nemo intervened so they never made it north.  Not to worry, however, as we still got a Chinese New Year's cake albeit it was a white and chocolate mousse cake.  Very celebratory but hardly Chinese - Hong Kong maybe.
Happy New Year for the Year of the Snake!
The cake was triple layered going from a layer of white chocolate mousse on the top, to a middle layer of traditional "milk" chocolate mousse and a bottom layer of "dark" chocolate cake. The various shades of chocolate made for an interesting look. It was draped with a dark chocolate frosting and topped with several florets of, unfortunately, fake whipped cream. It made for a nice look but give us the real stuff, please.  The cake tasted very good and was relatively light.  Over all it was a great substitute for the lack of Chinese treats due to the blizzard.
White and chocolate mousse for the Year of the Snake!

Three layers and three different types of chocolate!
Nicely decorated - too bad it's not the real stuff!
The strata of the inner cake!

It may not be Chinese but we'll take it!

This year in China is the Year of the Snake!  We were told that it is a good year to have a daughter for those of you who are expecting. Why?  Because daughters born in the Year of the Snake have good skin and hair. One of our colleagues from China who was indeed born in the Year of the Snake was quick to disagree in and apparent comment on her own dermatological traits.  Also we learned that a lot of famous actresses in China are born in the Year of the Snake.  Since this year comes around once every twelve years we presume then that there must be 12 year age gaps between groups of famous actresses. We don't know if any of the above is true but we certainly know more now about the Year of the Snake.
You've got to admit I've got great skin!

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