Monday, March 18, 2013

Guilted into a Match Cake after all!

From Friday's post you know that Friday was Match Day and our resident matchee did not celebrate with a cake hour treat.  Our video disappointment, however, was enough to waken her guilt and bring her to her senses for something on Monday. Videos are powerful tools, after all! So she brought her Match Cake today which was accompanied by a bunch of macaroons from another colleague. 

I did bring a match you like my Jennifer Aniston hair?
A flourless chocolate cake to celebrate Match Day!

Looks quite appetizing!

The cake she chose was a flourless chocolate cake from Trader Joe's. This is clearly what a chocolate cake with no flour should be!  It was very good, not too dense, very chocolatey and had a tendency to melt in your mouth. It was a little like a gigantic chocolate truffle. Since the ingredients are about the same as what goes into a truffle we suppose that is not exactly a coincidence.  We've had a number of these cakes that have tended to the dry side but this did not.  Although a few of us are a little skeptical about the hype over Trader Joe's, as far as this cake is concerned they make a high quality product and we highly recommend what they have to offer.
Plenty of chocolate for sure!
Calling it a truffle cake would not be inappropriate!
Another of our colleagues also picked up a batch of two bite macaroons! In other words they are small enough to be finished with two bites.  If you restrict yourself to one or two this is a good thing given the caloric savings. Not everyone finished after the first or second, however. These were presumably from Sam's club given the type of container that they were in, although the brand was not "Artisan Fresh." They offered standard coconut macaroons, coconut macaroons with a drizzle of chocolate and chocolate coconut macaroons. Of the three the one with the chocolate drizzle was most appreciated.  The chocolate macaroons were okay but not outstanding, the traditional were good but the little touch of chocolate was a definite enhancement.

We suspect these are from Sam's Club or someplace similar!

Some two bite macaroons!
Traditional coconut!

Chocolate coconut!
Traditional with a drizzle of chocolate that made the difference!

Our colleague was very happy about her match and her family, being from the Midwest, is also happy that she will be in St. Louis a little closer to home.  Notwithstanding some of the comments about there being not much to do in the "Gateway to the West" our associate will soon be reunited with her partner to start her new life on the banks of the Mississippi!  We wish them well!

Off to St. Louis, MO!

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