Friday, March 15, 2013

What, no match cake?

Today we weren't expecting a cake since no one signed up. However we were also not expecting that CVS would be discounting their Easter candy quite so soon. That fact opened the door for a large purchase of Easter goodies that will ultimately appear from the Easter Bunny.  It also allowed for the first appearance this season of Cadbury Mini Eggs.  These - in case you don't know - are egg shaped milk chocolate with a hard candy shell.  They may sound like M&Ms but believe me they are not. They are SOOOOOOO much better. Virtually addictive!  There is more of a better milk chocolate and the coating is thicker and crispier. We have been through this before as they are a staple around Easter time. Although a lot of the Easter stamndards won't appear until said Bunny stops by we usually treat ourselves to these before hand as soon as they start to appear in stores.  Incidentally should you come across the dark chocolate version don't waste your money. We understand the whole beneficial dark chocolate thing but you can't mess with a classic. The taste of the dark version may be okay but the overall experience is simply not the same.
Our favorite Easter season treat!

That's what they are alright!

No comparison to M&Ms!

As it turns out today was Match Day!  If you don't know what that is you aren't involved in medical schools. It is the day that people who applied for medical fellowships learn who accepted them and thus where they will be spending the next four years or so of their lives.  Basically they interview all over the system and the country, they rank their choices and the institutions that they visited also rank them. The data gets thrown into a computer and based upon who chose whom people are matched to an institution that hopefully is the one that they wanted. Some candidates don't match at all so if you do get your first choice it is your lucky day and you should celebrate.  Even more complicated, if you choose to match with a partner/spouse/concubine and you and the significant other both get the choice that you wanted together it is even a bigger reason to celebrate!  This whole thing is governed by the national resident matching program.
Match Day can be quite festive!
Their match and fate are in the sealed envelopes!
Our candidate did indeed get matched to her first choice as did her boyfriend...Washington University in St. Louis! The nice thing is for the first time in 10 years they will be together.  (That should be interesting!) Now they both get to go where they want to start their new lives together. What better way to celebrate than to have a Match Cake for cake hour.  Did we get one though?  Check out the video response! It was a partially inspired by a discussion we had today about Les Miserables and how miserables large parts of the movie were!

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