Monday, April 1, 2013

An ex post facto wedding cake as we learn where zombies might come from

One of our students recently got hitched. We are very happy for her and since this was the first time she brought something since the nuptials to cake hour, where we could celebrate her marriage, we decided to consider this an unofficial cake in honor of her wedding albeit after the fact.  Of course we would have done something ourselves but she had to leave several days early for the preparation.
My first cake since I tied the knot!
So let's call it a wedding cake.

Somewhat more elaborate German chocolate cake

The cake was a commercial German Chocolate Cake.  Does this cake have anything to do with Germany?  Of course not!  But you knew this because you had seen our previous blog postings  about this cake.  This one was very moist with the classic chocolate cake and cocoanut frosting. On the inside there was a chocolate butter cream, instead of the cocoanut frosting, between the two layers. We're not sure if this is the classic interpretation but we were okay with it.  On the side it was embellished with chocolate crunch, white and toasted cocoanut. The latter being somewhat brown in color.  This decoration was a nice touch and made it a little more colorful. On top there was a ring of chocolate butter cream and a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup.  These were visual elements that did not take away from the quality of the product not interfere with the taste.

Two types of cocoanut and chocolate crunch for decoration!
The traditional cocoanut frosting with some added effects
The cake was very fresh and thereby moist and since it was not ridiculously slathered in gooey frosting it was lighter that you would have expected.  Not at all bad!  We only managed to polish off about half of it, however, so there is plenty to go around for a second round assuming the second shift doesn't devour it after we leave.
Butter Cream on the inside!
We only go through half!
We somehow got onto a conversation about zombies having no soul.  We were told that the soul supposedly weights 21g. In other words when someone dies right after death the body should weigh 21g less than when it was alive.  We imagined how someone could check this experimentally and it was suggested that premature infants that don't make it would be a good model to test this because they are so small. This got us imagining what you would do to prove this. Weigh them, let them expire and then weigh them again? Imagine trying to get that experimental protocol approved!
The necessary tools to deal with premature birth or else...

The subsequent conclusion that as regards the above scenario, infants born too early and don't survive would have no soul prompted the response, "Are they zombies then?"  And from this it expanded to planning the next horror movie based on the premise that zombies come from premies that don't survive.  That would be an interesting screenplay. comes back as a zombie and we get the...

 This is what happens when a pathologist and a pediatrician think too out loud.

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