Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Leftovers and a another selection in the line of "Partially Eaten" cakes

If you saw the post from last week you would have seen the size of the Cake Hour Easter basket from this year.  As you can well imagine we did not finish it on Good Friday. Since we had a cake yesterday, today is the day that the basket returns as leftovers.  There was still plenty of the various Easter candies to be had although the number of Robin Eggs and the Cadbury Mini Eggs was starting to decline given that these are the favored treats.  It is traditional to east the bunnies last. Given the amount remaining the is basket is going to help us out at cake hour for a few days to come.  Especially since someone brought in the goodies they got at Easter for us to consume.  They did not want them in the house due to the possibility of adding a few Easter pounds.
Still plenty to go in this Easter basket!
Starting to decline.

New treats added post Easter!
Lastly we had another in a special product line that we think should be copyrighted and introduced world wide.  Such and such's "Partially Eaten" Passover Cake, or "Partially Eaten" Gluten Free Chocolate Cake.  This stems from the fact that the things brought in are usually leftovers from some personal event.  However rather than just bring them in and declare them as leftover, their presence is usually announced by the comment "I have a partially eaten................cake today." This made us think how it could be a private product line.  Whether it catches on, we shall see!
It's not leftover it's "Partially Eaten" Passover Cake
Today's "Partially Eaten" Passover cake of course had no leavening in it.  If you don't know why you don't know what Passover or Pesach, which is much more fun to say, is all about.  It was made with almond flour,  cocoanut and possibly some orange flavoring. There has to be some kind of shortening also because it did manage to stay moist.  It wasn't bad and was also gluten free  a bonus!. It made an acceptable counterpoint to the remnant Easter candy.  We hardly wait for the next "partially eaten" cake hour treat to show up.
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