Tuesday, October 15, 2013

George Washington would have loved this

Our first President was a fan of cherries and cherry pies.  He did not chop down a cherry tree despite popular folklore. He would have enjoyed this one.  This is pie season so we have seen a few of them.
Not a bad price!

Meant to entice!
The lattice is nice!

How about a slice?
Don't have to ask twice!
The one we had today was a very good size.  As a matter of fact we got two good days of cake hour from it.  It had the typical pie crust with a lattice work top that was sprinkled with granulated sugar.  Inside there were plenty of large sour cherries in the filling.  This means it was not sickeningly sweet and therefore more enjoyable. It was probably one of the better cherry pies that we have had and to think it came from Stop and Shop.  We'll have to check out some of their other baked goods!

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