Thursday, October 10, 2013

When in need hit the local very busy Starbuck's!

We needed to get something for cake hour but it came down to the wire. Fortunately there is a Starbuck's nearby where you can get a sweet treat if you need one.  I decided to see if they would have something that would be appropriate and indeed they did. There was quite a good selection of coffee cake type things as well as sweeter stuff - brownies and the like. We went with the good old plain cinnamon coffee cake.
Practically a whole cake!
Nice cinnamon crumb topping!
It is sold in squares that are pretty large.  Fortunately the pieces are large enough that by buying four you have the equivalent of a small cake.  By cutting the pieces in half we could spread the wealth. This cake was good - not too sweet and not to heavy. Of course not to heavy means not to moist and therefore a little on the dry side. It didn't matter. It went great with coffee and we would be happy to have it again.
If it look a little dry - it was!
As in the case of this coffee cake, have you noticed how the sweet treats in Starbuck's tend to be on the large side.  From the caloric standpoint one of their scones could feed you for the whole day.  In Boston recently, the food at a Starbuck's on Beacon Hill was smaller in size and more moderately priced.  If this is a trend I would welcome it!  Perhaps it is their response to obesity. The Starbuck's we went to is interesting. It appears to be run by or partnered with Johnson and Wales University. All the barristas and service people had name tags that also identified them ad JWU students. In between classes the place is mobbed and they take orders via walkie talkie and send you up to pay.  It seemed very efficient and probably necessary given the number of people we saw there!
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