Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day after Christmas and here come the leftovers!

One thing about attending a lot of events during the holidays, you can be sure you'll be carrying stuff home.  One of the first events at Christmas yielded doggie bags with beef tenderloin, baked honey ham, Italian pastries and half a Stollen.  The beef and the ham are not appropriate for cake hour but the other two sure are.  So today was our first day for holiday leftovers or holiday treats courtesy of the brother and sister-in-law.
Nice mix of Italian pastries with bark thrown in.
Looks like an entire Stollen!
But it's not - only half!

The Italian pastries and cookies included the requisite cannolis, neapolitains, and glow in the dark colored cookies. There was some homemade white and dark chocolate bark thrown in for good measure.  The Stollen was half of a rum Stollen that was served at the celebration but did not get eaten.  All of these things were deemed perfectly acceptable by the folks at cake hour and consumed rather quickly. The pastries were fine, the Stollen we have had many times before and the bark was a nice sweet treat.
Goes great with coffee and keeps for a very long time!

We look forward to the next leftovers or Christmas presents that were intended for consumption.

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