Monday, January 6, 2014

The Popcorn Factory provides a lot of corn..

Getting presents for the holidays is always exciting. Especially when something shows up at your door and you wonder what it is. Sometime, however, something shows up at your door and you know exactly what it is. That would be the case with the gift that we began sharing today.  When a big box shows up with the logo for the Popcorn Factory it's an easy guess as to what is inside. 
Hmm,what do you suppose is inside?
The holiday message on the yellow tells the source.
It's a big tin!
The message on the outside read "Happy Holidays, John Donahue." That being said it became even easier to imagine what was inside as we have seen this before.  Sure enough you open it up and inside is a large metal tin. Inside the tin are to be found three types of popcorn - butter, cheese and caramel. The logo advises us to "Celebrate Deliciously" and there is a circular assurance that despite any settling this is indeed fresh. Fortunately, it takes awhile for popcorn to go stale so even though this arrived in mid-December it was perfectly fine for the first week in January.  The popcorn is exactly as expected and taste wise is very reminiscent of the exact same stuff we got last year.
With this we are supposed to "Celebrate Deliciously!"
Take your pick!
This was gifted to a colleague who donated it for cake hour.  Given the size we assume no one would realistically expect one person to consume it so we were happy to dig in.  The pictures show the decline in the levels over several days. The caramel appears to be the favorite.  Even with some healthy appetites it will take a while to finish this off.  Thanks, John!!

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