Monday, July 7, 2014

First student cake of the summer is a hit!

We had the first entry for the student cake "competition today".  Our baker opted for a single layer chocolate pan cake with chocolate frosting.  The top was embellished with striations of white chocolate and some fresh raspberries and chocolate covered strawberries.  Everything was homemade from scratch - no cake mixes here. Even the aforementioned strawberries were hand made! The presentation was very impressive and it was probably one of the best looking flat cakes we have seen.
The unveiling of the first student cake!

Chocolate cake with fruit and white chocolate embellishment!

Our student baker sets a high standard right off the bat!

Best looking pan cake we have probably seen!

Nice little cluster of berries as decoration!

The chocolate covered strawberries were a welcome added touch!

The cake tasted good, was moist not dry and generally pleased everyone.  It seemed more like it was milk chocolate than dark and it was certainly nowhere near as dark in appearance as some of the commercial products.  In that sense the chocolate flavor was not particularly intense. The frosting was a chocolate butter cream also reminiscent of milk chocolate. Butter cream frostings can be very sweet but that was not the case here.  It paired well with the cake and the fruit garnishes.  It would have been advisable to take the cake out of the refrigerator prior to serving to soften the frosting because this type is better served creamy. We give the cake a four out of five star rating and are off to a great start.
And now to give it a try!

Plenty of slices for all!

Good moist chocolate cake with an additional treat!
We learned that one of our interns who from Brown University has a good friend who arranges a lot of naked parties and events for the Brown community.  That's right - events where clothing is optional or forbidden.  This was discussed with some incredulity but there are naked donut runs and even a Nudity Week featuring naked yoga, open mike etc.  The Daily Beast even picked up the story:

The theory seems to be that if you have body image issues you can fell better about it if you spend time with a bunch of people naked. We're not sure if any studies on this have been done but we all agree that there will be no naked cake hour ever.

No cake but quite a few buns during nudity week!

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