Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Lemon Squares were great but check out that Birthday Cake!

Day two of student cake month and our contestant opted for some homemade lemon squares.  They were baked in a glass baking dish and done to a nice golden brown.  They made an impression for sure but were, shall we say, a bit overshadowed.
Our intern of the day and her lemon squares!
Baked in a glass cake pan..
..and done to a nice golden brown!
Today was also the birthday of our baking student.  That being the case her mother wanted to make sure that she had an appropriately eventful 21st!  So unbeknownst to our intern, mother arranged for a few things to arrive to amplify the celebration.  One of them was a spectacular golf themed birthday cake..check it out!!
Surprise!! It's a golf birthday cake courtesy of Mom!

A few balloons to go with the cake!
And some favorite flowers!

It's golfy and girly!
 It was a large two layered almond flavored cake that was decorated with elements from a golf course.  Why? The birthday girl loves golf!!  A golf cake could come off looking a little macho but the bakery was given instructions to make it look feminine and to accent the colors of pink, orange and green those being the favorites of the honoree!  The bakers certainly came through!  The colors are bright and the decorative elements representing the grass, sand, tees, hole and balls of a golf game were very well done.  The "grassy" part was especially clever. The cake was very fresh with a subtle but good almond taste. The frosting, presumably butter cream, was not overly sweet and there was plenty of it. If you are a frosting fan this would have been a good cake for you.  There was enough to go around for sure as the cake was intended for 30 people.  That was because when the number of people was given to decide the size, mom doubled it and added the comment "people can have seconds!" The whole experience was very memorable and Mom did a good job making the 21st birthday the same.
Two layered almond cake with thick frosting!

We like the "grassy" part!
And a bright pink birthday wish!

And what about those lemon squares?  They were sort of the dessert to the cake.  Everyone managed to try a small one after eating a large piece of cake.  The taste was not too tangy or sweet and they were perfectly done. The bottom was even a bit overdone which made them stiffer and a bit crunchy.  This was a good thing.  Due to the freshness and the good taste we give these lemon squares a 3.5 star rating. They were however a "bit" overwhelmed by the golf cake.  Had our baker for the day made it, it would have taken the prize for sure!

It's the yellow layer that makes the lemon square!

Reinforcements came for the birthday party!

Along with the cake hour regulars!

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