Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Halloween cake from the Laughing Cupcake

One of our special bakers has come by again. Each time has come by, previously with her brother, they always had something creative and fun. This time she is here solo representing the small business that she started called "The Laughing Cupcake!"  Instead of a cupcake, however, she brought in a bonafide Halloween cake that was as good as any you could get in an established bakery.
Another imaginative treat!

It's not a laughing cupcake but it made us smile!

This was a single layer chocolate cake - or was it Devil's food - that was frosted in white. On top you see a spider web with a fondant spider and his prey.  Around the edge we have tombstones and pumpkins for further expression of the theme.   This was a great looking cake and brought about some great Halloween spirit1 
The spider web makes for a great top to the cake!
RIP on the tombstones garnished by pumpkins!
Chocolate or Devil's Food?
It also tasted great. The cake was moist and good with the frosting not too heavy - just the way we like it.  Kudos to "The Laughing Cupcake" for a creative treat for All Hallow's Eve. For the next time we are expecting cupcakes!

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