Thursday, November 6, 2014

Opening night for "Chicago"

It's that time of year again..when one of us completes a musical theater project at a Boston area high school.  This year's production is the Kander and Ebb hit musical "Chicago"!  Other members of the Center show their support for this endeavor by donating or buying tickets and attending one of the performances.   In thanks for this, every year we have a special cake for on the day of opening night with music from the show playing and maybe some pictures or other info. Actually the special cake every year is none other than our favorite Black Forest Cake or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. If you have followed this blog at all you know we have done a number of these from various places.  This year we went to a new place in the same town as the high school.  The bakery is called Konditor Meister and it is quite a bakery operation in Braintree, MA, that we hadn't tried before.

It was nice when we ordered that the person taking the order knew exactly what we were talking about.  They even knew that the recipe called for Kirschwasser or cherry brandy.  They took the order in the afternoon on Wednesday and had it ready on Thursday morning.  It was a very impressive cake.  Quite large, actually, even though a standard 10 in was ordered and decorated perfectly.  In short it looked exactly like a Black Forest cake should although your won't find maraschino cherries on one in Germany.
The director with Chicago wear and the Opening Night Cake!
Message for the Cast and Crew!

Impressive cake and pretty big too!

Of course, the crucial test is the taste!  This one more than lived up to expectations.  The chocolate cake was moist and not too sweet, was filled with sour cherries as it should be, and it was frosted with whipped cream which is a must. (Really - if anyone ever tries to pass of a cake with butter cream frosting as a Black Forest cake, don't buy it!)  This cake had all the requisite layers upon slicing and tasted great. It was very fresh, lighter than you would think and had the necessary hint of the kirschwasser cutting the sweetness.  This was probably one of the most authentic and delicious ones we have had.  I guess, what would you expect from a place named Konditor Meister.  This cake is highly recommended should you want a true Black Forest experience.
Well decorated with the Whipped Cream frosting the key!
Everything just like it should be!
The show ran from November 6 through November 9th and was an enormous success. This was notwithstanding the accommodations that had to be made to make it high school material.  Audiences loved it and the kids came through with flying colors. A few photos are attached to give you the feel for the show.

All That Jazz!

All I Care About is Love

Going to have a baby?
Razzle Dazzle!

Final Pose

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