Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How about a nut corner!

Have you ever heard of nut corners?  Actually they go by the German Nussecken which means.... nut corners.  Nussecken sounds better don't you think? These are a type of cookie that consists of a dough base and a topping made with ground and sliced nuts. They are formed in the shape of triangles - corners - usually one or both of the ends will be dipped in chocolate.  The "Baking Exchange" liked these a lot and felt they were very "European."  To quote their description: If you like nuts and shortbread  type cookies, these are the next cookies you have to make.  They are buttery delicious and very “European”.  The use of ground nuts is what in my opinion, makes them “European”.  We don’t use ground nuts very often, and it’s hard to find them in grocery stores in the U.S. They can however, be made easily by grinding the nuts in a food processor.

Euro-American with American-Euro Treats
So all you have to do make something European is grind some nuts and toss them into your recipe!  Good to know! It is not surprising that we had such a treat today as our baker was indeed European. Well actually European-American. (Is there such a thing?) Although her parents were German, she was born in the US during Dad's fellowship so now she has the best of both worlds and may or not routinely use ground nuts in her baking. She is also our second generation cake hour attendee as her Dad attended cake hour back in the early days of the 1990s.
Plenty of nut corners to share
These are indeed very good.  When you get something that is made with all these great ingredients like butter, almonds or hazlenuts and chocolate how could you go wrong?  Well, if you have a recipe in the metric system and only measuring vessels in the English system it does become a challenge. I guess this will make them the American-European version.

Might be on the flat side!
Our friend was undeterred however and managed to come up with enough that passed muster that she could bring. The finished product was quite delicious. They may have quite what they should be and probably little flatter than usual but nobody seemed to mind.  They went very quickly and we will look forward to the next unchallenged batch!

These may be challenged but that didn't stop us!

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