Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grant Cake

Being in academic research, we are always trying to get funding. Ideally you would like a long term grant from the NIH that will keep you going for years into the future. For various reasons they have been hard to come by but we had cause for celebration today.  One of our investigators got a five year R01 grant from NIAID - the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases.  This is indeed cause for celebration. Many other labs that have not gotten funding have been sent packing. We are happy we don't have to worry about that for our colleague.
We expect nothing but the best!

Their version of a chocolate mousse cake!
Celebration of success and relief at getting funded!

To celebrate be brought in a cake from one of our favorite places, the Vienna Bakery in Barrington, RI.  The cake was their version of a chocolate mousse cake.  It was very well constructed and nicely decorated.  The florets on top were chocolate whipped cream with chocolate leaves as garnish. The top was a layer of frosting and underneath a layer of cake. The bottom was also a chocolate cake layer. In between there was a thick layer of choco mousse! The sides were some kind of chocolate crumble and there was a decorative band of whipped cream along the bottom edge.
Looks great from the top!
A pretty thick layer of mousse was the filling!
This was a nice looking cake that was not all that sweet and not all that heavy. Mousse contains a lot of air after all.  It tasted great and we were thrilled to celebrate the success or our pal.  We also got two days out of it which was a bonus!
Day two and still enough to go around!

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