Monday, January 26, 2015

They're ba-a-ck during a snowstorm!

The white paper wrapped item was found in my office with the following note: Saw these and thought of you!  What could it be?  The first appearance in 2015 of Cadbury Mini Eggs - the Easter candy that is probably the best there is.  They are a step up from M&Ms with a harder candy shell and better mild chocolate.  As you can see by the picture of the bunny on the package they are intended for Easter and we take this as a sign that the year is moving forward and Spring is on the way.
What's in the wrapping?
Is that time of year upon us already?
For Cadbury mini eggs - apparently so!
Just look at the cute little bunny for Easter!
A more deluxe version of M&Ms!
 We had these for cake hour on a day that was anything but Spring like. A blizzard had begun.  Right outside our building is a road newly opened on the site of the old I195 trestle.  The only problem is that when they opened the road they did not activate the traffic light at the end of the street. So it is constantly red. We are getting very amused at motorists stopping at the light for minutes waiting for it to turn green until the finally run it.   Today the snowstorm made the situation worse as there was some gridlock.  A whole line of cars piled up behind the lead car and a few trucks that went nowhere.  Finally the bunch of cars behind the trucks turned around and went back the way they came. We doubt they found an easier road that day but at least they tried.

Note to the guy at the head of the line - it won't turn green!
The line gets a little long!
Nobody moves so they turn around and leave!

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