Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Strawberry Pseudo-shortcake

Now that there is no longer ten feet of snow on the ground and it is getting warmer, some of the types of cakes more predominant in summer are starting to appear. Our cake person for today was not impressed with the selection at the Eastside Marketplace when he went the evening before so he returned in the morning to check for something better and he found something hot out of the bakery prep room or whatever you call it.
The summer treats start to appear but it ain't no shortcake!
Bound with a ribbon for a decorative twist!
They called it a strawberry shortcake but it wasn't the real thing. The cake part was yellow cake and rather than having frosting on the sides they closed it up with lady fingers and bound it all together with a ribbon. This made for a nicely decorative presentation btw.  The top had a thick, swirled layer of whipped cream garnished with some very red fresh strawberries.  There were about three layers of cake with a whipped cream filling.  There was some question as to whether this was real whipped cream or not but it wasn't the really bad ersatz cream so we do.
Ruby red strawberries in a bed of whipped cream!
The lady fingers give it shape!
As the cake was freshly made it tasted good and was well received. Our crowd does tend to like things with fruit and whipped cream so it was a good choice if you want to ensure something woudl go over well. It was a big hit with one of our more recently arrived Japanese colleagues who took a picture so he could get it for his family. Thus does a simple little strawberry cake become a cross cultural treat!
Lots of layers with lots of cream is a great combination!

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