Friday, June 5, 2015

Tiramisu Cake for the Newbies

The summer research season is upon us!  That means we will get a number of student interns from all over the planet from June through August.  Cake hour has proven to be VERY popular with these interns over the years. Today was the first visit from a number of this year's crop including people from Brazil, New Hampshire and the Bronx. Yes, the last two locations are not that exciting but things are what they are.
Something looks familiar!!

It's Tiramisu from Whole Foods!
Their first treat was a classic and a favorite. The Tiramisu cake from Whole Foods is always a pleasure and we were happy to have it today. It was good and fresh with a nice balance of mascarpone to the other ingredients such as the soaked lady fingers and the cocoa powder.  This one is never that sweet and light and easy to eat.  Our new fans were happy to get off the ground with this.
Cocoa powder aplenty on the top!

Nice balance of the mascarpone and the other stuff.
One of them is a medical student. Weren't we surprised to hear that because the lectures are taped, people can and do skip classes and then review the Internet feed or videos in lieu of attending the course.  Supposedly about 50% of the students learn this way.  Just think, they are paying about $70,000 a year to look at a bunch of videos.  That's a nice racket.  We also wondered what would stop someone from downloading all the lectures and then start their own online medical school. You could charge a lot less and still make money!! Hopefully no one will give this a try.
I wan't to be alone!
I'm down on that online Med School idea!!
 I guess I can deal with a photo!

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