Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wimbledon Drink

Years ago when working as a bartender, there was always a bottle of Pimms's Number One cup on the bar. On the top shelf no less!.  During the entire four year bartending career the amount of Pimm's in the bottle never went down. If any was imbibed at all it was probably the bar staff giving it a try.  We wondered what was it even there for and what was it about.
Not seen since the bartending days!
The recipe for Pimm's is a secret!

Today we found out!!  It being summer, one of our colleagues returned from across the pond and Merry Old England with a bottle of Pimm's. She proceeded to make a type of punch that is apparently the appropriate and common way that Pimm's is consumed.  It turns out even that the recipe is on the bottle and is recommended as the way to drink Pimm's.  How many alcoholic beverages are there that suggest they be mixed with something else?  This may be the only one!
Clearly you are supposed to mix it with something.

The punch consisted of a certain amount of Pimm's with a larger amount of European style lemonade.  This is basically a carbonated soft drink similar to Sprite with no lime. (Did you know Sprite was lemon-lime flavor?)  Our hostess didn't want to use Sprite so she mixed it with Minute Maid's version of lemonade. This tasted like lemonade all right but was missing the fizz.  We just couldn't have it all!  In addition to the lemonade, strawberries, cucumbers, oranges and mint.  She forgot the oranges and the mint so we had the strawberries and cucumbers.
Giving it the best shot with ersatz lemonade!
Garnished with some cukes and strawberries...minus the mint and the orange.

Tennis, anyone?
This was enjoyable and refreshing for the summer.  Apparently it is the drink at polo matches and Wimbledon so we felt vedy, vedy proper whilst quaffing this.  We also used it to wash down some extra cake from Friday. This had nothing to do with student cake month so no ratings just another unique cake hour treat!!
Great to wash this down...leftover from Friday!!

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