Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This tastes Dominican!

Our second entry for student cake month decided to go with a flan.  He had made one before and was trying again. He was not that happy with the result.  He felt it was a little overdone and had flattened out too much.  Also he did not think the sugar had caramelized correctly and tasted a little burnt.
Giving it a second shot!
There might could have been a little more or the caramel sauce.

Most of the sugar caramelized into the flan.
Throw in some salt and it's salted caramel flan!!

These issues didn't matter much to the rest of us.  We have had several flans and this one was very similar to all the others.  Some were flat. Some were too sweet. Some tasted a little bitter. And some were very creative featuring fruit and sprigs of rosemary.  So we were fine with this and think our guy did a good job. It had a good texture, was not too sweet and the bitterness of the caramel was subtle and acceptable.  If he had thrown some salt on it and called it salted caramel it would have been a rave.
Inside it's the usual custard!
We will however leave the final word to our self-appointed resident flan expert who clearly has insights beyond our capabilities. After trying it she exclaimed: "This tastes Dominican!" And we will leave it at that!
Domincan flan - does it look that much different?

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