Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time for a version of a classic treat

Boston Cream Pie is not a pie at all. It is actually a cake with a yellow base, two layers with some pastry creme in between  and the chocolate frosting on the top.  They are pretty common but we hadn't seen one in awhile until today.
The classic Boston Cream Pie
What we had though, was a Boston Cream Pie inspired cake.  This one had three layers with two fillings of the pastry cream.  There was the obligatory chocolate frosting on the top but rather than being the usual simple coating, this one included a decorative swirl of white frosting amidst the chocolate, a ring of decorative vanilla frosting with some red sugar granules and it was garnished with some white milk chocolate pieces.  It was certainly pleasing to look at it.
This one is a little more elaborate!
A little taller and an extra layer!
Nicely decorated top - not the usual plain chocolate!
And a few extra decorations!
And of course it was quite pleasing to taste!  It was not as heavy as it looked nor overly sweet as youn might have expected.  Several of our foreign colleagues were happy to give it a try and learn a little New England specialty lore!
Looks heavy but it wasn't!

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