Thursday, February 18, 2016

ABP Cookies!!

Since someone had to make a visit to the main campus, in the absence of a cake donor, we stopped by the Au Bon Pain store at the hospital and picked up some Au Bon Pain cookies!  There is a interesting shared history with ABP. Way back after college graduation I stopped with a friend at the original, we think, Au Bon Pain at the Faneuil Hall Markeplace in Boston where said friend wanted to apply for a job.  The owner or manager was a French woman named...France!  How's that for dedication to your country! 
This is where we got the cookies!
He didn't get the job but we did enjoy some of their baked products which we thought were very good.  We would stop by now and then but watched them grow into a larger chain meaning we lost interest.  But they are still going strong, coming on 40 years and are in several countries throughout the world though probably not in France.
Our selection for the day courtesy of ABP!
They've expanded well beyond baguettes and croissants and now are known for their sandwiches in addition to their baked goods.  Today we got a selection of their cookies which are quite large. We solved the caloric intake concerns by breaking them up each into four pieces.  This brought us from seven to 28 servings and since each of them is about 400 calories, we felt better sampling a few as opposed to eating a whole one.  This way we even got two days out of the seven cookies.
We tried their chocolate chip cookie, the harvest cookie, the mudslide cookie, the English toffee cookie, the chunky peanut butter cookie, the white chocolate macademia nut cookie and the
shortbread cookie half dipped in chocolate.
You guessed it - chocolate chip!
The white chocolate macademia nut treat!
This would be the English toffee!
Yes, this is the mudslide!
As cookies go, they are very good if kind of large and caloric.  The Harvest cookie was interesting containing Rolled Oats, Sweetened Dried Cranberries , Raisins, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, and Molasses. It was very earthy crunchy though with all the sugar probably not exactly healthy.

The Harvest cookie!  Harvest?
Another favorite is the shortbread which is always a buttery treat and the one sided chocolate dipped part is a great finish!  All in all the cookies are high quality though given the calories a single one for breakfast might suffice!
A perennial favorite - the half chocolate frosted shortbread!
Break 'em up for fewer calories and more selection!

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