Friday, May 13, 2016

Another ten second shot as she's off to Med School

One of our Brown alumni who became a research assistant/technician in her gap year after graduation is now moving on to medical school. She trades PVD for Palo Alto and Stanford.  That is quite a distance she'll be relocating and quite a tuition she'll be paying! On her last day we sent her out in style and she provided us with a lovely Mascarpone Torte from Pastiche.  This is their version of tiramisu.  
This oughtta be good
Certainly looks impressive!
Our doctor to be has something to say on the cake!
She wuvs the LRC!!
As you can see it is quite well prepared and decorated and like anything else from Pastiche it tastes great and is nowhere near as heavy as it might look. It had several cake layers with mascarpone filling between the layers, their standard butter cream frosting on the top which was covered with cocoa powder and ornamented with big pieces of chocolate. It is a very handsome cake.
It ist looks a little like tiramisu- it is their adaptation thereof!
Several layers with mascarpone filling and maybe some Amaretto!!
Smiling now but wait for that tuition bill!
We all indulged and took the obligatory ten second shot at the end of the farewell fete. Another LRC alum doctor is on the way!!
The classic ten second shot after which she is on her way!

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