Monday, May 9, 2016

Cake from Chinatown for two occasions and a laxative effect

This week we say farewell to another researcher who has decided to go on to financial ruin for the next four to seven years by way of attending medical school.  Stanford no less where they are sure to ask a pretty penny.  To mark her descent into temporary penury we got a cake. Also since the person who will be taking on a lot of the work that she did is having a birthday later this week we made the cake a twofer to mark his natal day also.
Well boxed for sure
From the Kam Bakery
A very well decorated cake
Very professional look with fruit to boot!
The top appears quite artistic!

One of their colleagues brought back a cake from a Chinese bakery in Boston - the Kam Bakery.  What came out of the box was a very good looking cake reminiscent of a typical American over-sweetened and heavily frosted thing. It was nicely decorated with said decorations including kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, grapes and some chocolate lacey stuff.  Quite nice!
Nice little fruit display on top including dragon fruit!!
She's off to med school and he stays put.
Our friend enjoys some
The big surprise was that this cake was neither heavy nor overly sweet which is not that big of a surprise since "sweets" Asian culture are not usually anything like what you find at any average supermarket where the frosting is most likely a mix of sugar and fat.  The frosting here, probably vegetable based was as light, if not lighter than whipped cream. The cake layers were soft and in between were layers of fruit with some of the frosting.  The cake itself leaned a little towards the Angel Food kind - lots of air and was likewise not heavy.
Fruit filling including kiwis and lychee!
It was nice treat to send off another graduate and to mark someone's birthday! In addition our cake bringer included some ice cream.  We noticed the vanilla mentioned "No Sugar Added". So we checked to see how it was sweetened and one of the ingredients was listed "Maltitol Syrup**". We checked what the ** caveat was and it read "Sensitive individuals may experience a laxative effect from overconsumption of this product."  Just what you want after having cake and ice cream!
The one on the left may make you poop!

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