Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Chocolate Explosion!!

Fun and catchy name....Chocolate Explosion!
The title is not the name of something that happened.  It is the description/name of the cake that we had today. It came from Boston Coffee Cakes like many others. Although we've gone with the traditional and marble cakes this was the first chocolate explosion we had experienced. It is a fun name, isn't it?

Nice looking cake with drooling frosting!

Classic bundt style from above!
As is usually the case with Boston Coffee Cakes, the cake was fresh, moist and quite good.  In fact it was rather light eating. In addition to the chocolate sugar frosting on the top, there little chunks embedded throughout the cake. 

It looks heavy but it wasn't!
 Maybe the drooling type frosting and the bits are meant to be a result of "the explosion"?  Sounds good, anyway and all in all a nice chocolatey cake hour treat.  And we have leftovers!!

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