Friday, March 3, 2017

Sayonara with the usual makeover!

And another one is done! Our research fellows from Japan generally have two years to spend.  For career reasons they have to return to continue with an academic position but more importantly to get back to work!! Work means seeing patients and serving in the clinical services at their respective institutions. Since those days can run from 6AM to 8PM Monday through Saturday, you can understand why they appreciate the two years of 9AM-5:30PM, 5 days a week only research that they conduct here. Comparatively, it's a bit of a vacation with the added bonus of spending some time with family that is less regular than during the time they are here.
He didn't know it was a celebration!
Nice looking blueberry custard tart!
But we also got the ganache cake!
With tour message of farewell.
We had someone who had signed up for cake hour and he dutifully brought in his creation which was a blueberry flan type thing.  However since the occasion was a bit more celebratory we also got a chocolate ganache cake from LaSalle's Baker with our message of thanks! We served everyone a piece of both.
Contemplating the final cake hour!
Checking the selection with a not too scary senpai!
The blueberry tart was very nice although everyone got a very small piece. The chocolate ganache cake was actually a chocolate cake, with mousse between the layers and the ganache as the frosting.  It was good and fresh, not as heavy as one would expect and not incredibly sweet either. It went great with coffee and was a nice treat to recognize our colleague's contribution.

Blueberries in custard were very good!
Cake with mousse and ganache - a sure hit
For parting gifts we did another Brown University makeover an also included a framed Richard Benjamin photograph print that bedevil those who have to get it back to another country on an airplane!
Another successful makeover!
The first ten second shot with a few missing faces.
This one is better!

Enjoying the cake!
And more enjoyment!
Even more!
A parting shot with the Admin!
Gotta open them eyes!

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